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  • Sports: 3 weeks
  • Tandems: 3 weeks
  • Petra and Leia: 25 weeks

Designers and Manufacturers of Icarus Canopies
and Daedalus Project Parachutes

3-Week Lead Time and New Stock Canopies9/09/2015

Now that our fancy new factory is up and running with loads more space, our lead...

6-Week Lead Time for Sports Canopies18/05/2015

We're stoked to announce that our lead times for sports canopies have finally...

Dubai International Swoop League Pro Edition3/12/2014

The first ever Pro edition of the Dubai International Swoop League (DISL) is done...

What we do

Parachute designing and manufacturing

Skydiving canopies ranging from the Icarus Tandem to Petra, our World-Record holding high-performance wing.

CNC parachute cutting systems and software

Our canopy design software and cutting machines are used by canopy manufacturers worldwide.

Canopy development and product licensing

Our canopy designs are built under license by manufacturers across the world.

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