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Welcome to NZ Aerosports

Based in Auckland, New Zealand – supplying and servicing the World

Parachute Manufacturers and Developers - ICARUS & DAEDALUS range

Skydiving canopies consisting of over 10 different performance styles ranging from the Icarus Tandem canopy to Petra, our World record holding high performance canopy.

CNC Parachute Cutting Systems and Software

NZ Aerosports' canopy design software and Cutting Machines are used by more canopy manufacturers worldwide than any other.

Canopy Development and Product Licensing

NZ Aerosports' canopy designs are built under license by manufacturers across the world.

Latest News

The World Speed Record is Ours!18/05/2014

Nick Bastch has done it again. Just back from injury and right away he's back...

Leia To Bring Petra Technology to the Market8/05/2014

Leia is born from a simple idea: bringing the Petra technology to the open market!


Ernesto Lands The 358/05/2014

On April the 5th 2014 our JVX 35 entered the Guinness Book of World Records...