When can I learn to swoop?

If you’re talking hucking a fat 630 to impress the entire DZ, that’s a little down the track in canopy progression – and by that stage you should have a good understanding of canopy piloting (and already know the answer to this question).

If you don’t have a good understanding and are at that stage – STOP NOW.

On the other hand, learning the foundations and basics of swooping can be started early on, but this doesn’t mean you can start doing 270’s right away.

You might not realize it, but if you’re doing a straight in approach and flare resulting in planing out and traveling across the ground before touching down, then you’re swooping!

The difference between you and the experienced canopy pilot is they’re doing a high degree turn to generate more power and using rear riser input to maximize their distance traveled across the ground or swoop.

Get coaching so you get the right information early and have the building blocks to one day maybe huck that fat 630!

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