Taking care of your canopy

Do not pack your canopy when it is wet or damp. The fabric should not support mil-dew but dust and grass stains can cause mildew to grow.

Do not expose your canopy to excessive heat and light unnecessarily. If your canopy is excessively faded, have the strength tested.

If you are experiencing slow openings and fast (hard) landings, have the manufacturer test the canopy fabric porosity.

Never dry clean canopies or containers. The solvents can damage the coatings and remove the finishes applied to the fabric.

Avoid packing your parachute with loose sand, gravel or grit. Repacking on a smooth surface or soft grass can help extend the life of your canopy.

Always inspect your canopy and its components when you repack to look for abrasion, snags or tears. If the fabric is chafed or torn, have your rigger, loft, dealer or manufacturer make repairs immediately.

Never clean your canopy with any amount of abrasive or bleach. Do not use stiff brushes that could abrade the yarn, increase the porosity or damage coatings.

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