Storing your canopy

Thoroughly air and dry all gear before storing. Inspect for wear and damage BEFORE putting your gear away. Keep away from light/UV. Storage should be in a cool dry place – like a closet or other inside location without sunlight through a window. Avoid storing your canopy where vermin or insects could gnaw or contaminate your gear.

Keep your canopy unpacked in a stash bag if you won’t be jumping for long periods of time. Here at NZA Headquarters, we use our stash bags made out of parachute fabric, but you can also use an old pillow case. If you are wanting an easy way to change canopies between loads, our Canopy Bag is a great option. Full sail canopies (Petra, SLeia, Sofia) should NOT be left packed for more than 2 days at a time.



Remember – treat your parachute equipment with special care. Your enjoyment and safety depend on it.

Have a read of our blog article 21 Ways to keep your canopy looking good on further tips and tricks for caring for your canopy.

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