Industry, Sport and High Performance parachutes explained

NZA products are grouped into two families.

We refer to Student and Tandem parachutes as “Industry” as they’re designed for Dropzones to be used as part of their commercial activity (Tandem, rental or AFF).

Our biggest family of products is “Sport”. These are wings designed for fun jumpers from beginners to experts and include the Safire 3, Crossfire 3 and Kraken for wingsuiting.

Within that is the “High Performance” family of canopies which refers to our range of products specifically designed for experienced jumpers. They are crossbraced and typically made to be flown with a wing-loading above 2.0 – the JFX 2, Leia and Petra (and Matrix 2 for competitive CRW)

You may also hear about Hyper Performance canopies which is a subclass that appeared more recently with Petra and Leia and regroups the few models on the market that are pushing the limits!

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