How many jumps can you do on a canopy?

This number can vary due to a few things – for example DZ location – if you’re jumping somewhere like Dubai where it’s dusty and the canopy sees a lot of sun then the material will degrade faster than if jumped somewhere like Norway where there’s less direct sunlight and dust to wear it down.

Another factor is how you look after your canopy; where is it packed, how you store it when not jumping etc. As a rule of thumb we wouldn’t jump a canopy much past 1200 jumps…and by this stage the canopy will have significantly less performance (mainly a weaker flare) compared to when new.

That being said there are canopies out there that have been well looked after, jumped in less harsh conditions and have done many more jumps.

If unsure I would recommend having your rigger check your canopy for you or sending it back to the manufacturer for a full inspection.

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