Customs, tax & import duty

Can you declare a lesser amount for tax purposes?
Our obligation when shipping is to provide accurate descriptions and values of goods contained in the shipment. This a legal requirement for us as a commercial, international exporter. Declaring an inaccurate description and value is customs fraud. This can lead to prosecution and fines for us the exporter, as well as confiscation and destruction of the inaccurately declared shipments. We cannot ship goods with an inaccurate description and value.

What is NZA’s import tax policy?
Some countries may impose import duty or taxes on imported goods. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay any such charges. Please ask your customs department for rates and limits before you place an order.

Is customs fees or import tax included in the price?
No. The invoiced price includes shipping costs to your agreed address, however does not include any import taxes and duties that your country may require for clearance purposes. Shipments are held for 5 working days at destination to obtain customs duties clearance. If returned to NZ Aerosports Ltd there will be additional cost for return and re-shipment. This cost varies from country to country and will be on charged to the Buyer.


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