Wolfi Lienbacher

Personal Information

  • Name: Wolfi Lienbacher
  • Country: Austria
  • Discipline: Photographer


Wolfgang started photography in 2003 and got so hooked, he became a self-employed photographer in 2007. In 2010 he started skydiving and spent another two years learning the basics before he finally got to strap his SLR camera on his head. Briefly after that he landed his first gig taking pictures during a big display jump and managed to get the shot. Since then he’s taken terabytes of photos and chances are you have seen a few of them. Oh and by the way, Wolfgang loves NZ Aerosports canopies!

Claims to fame

  • First skydive above a volcano in Indonesia
  • Camera for national vertical formation records in Austria and Germany, formation skydiving records in the Czech Republic and Poland and European vertical formation sequential record
  • Did camera for various high profile ads and Red Bull projects