Hayden Galvin

Personal Information

  • Name: Hayden Galvin
  • Country: Australia
  • Discipline: Wingsuiting, Freeflying


Born in Coffs Harbour Australia, Hayden started skydiving as a static line student at Gatton Ripcord Skydivers in 2003 with the aim of getting into BASE jumping. 5-6 years of BASE jumping and 370 jumps later he decided to re-focus his passion of flying back to skydiving and established his 5D wingsuit school in 2008.

He has spent his 8725 jumps (4500 of which in a wingsuit) load organising/coaching at over 60 boogies worldwide and has been a proud canopy testing and sponsored athlete of NZA since 2008.

Hayden currently lives in Auckland, NZ with his partner Steph and son Loki. He spends his days as the course director of the New Zealand Skydiving school, passing on his love of the sport to his students. His evenings are spent having family time and playing around on diggers and tractors on the farm, building world class swoop ponds….and chicken coups.

Claims to fame

  • Organized and participated in the Australian wingsuit record in 2010
  • Participated in the Australian Atmonauti record in 2012, the New Zealand Wingsuit Record in 2012
  • The Australian head down record in 2017 and the 200 way vertical world record attempt in 2018 at Skydive Chicago
  • Course Director of New Zealand Skydiving School