Cornelia Mihai

Personal Information

  • Name: Cornelia Mihai
  • Country: Romania
  • Discipline: Canopy Piloting


Cornelia is originally from Romania and started skydiving there in 2002. She thinks skydiving chose her because she never thought about it or really dreamt about it. She tried it out, loved it and never looked back.
She started working in the sport as a packer and slowly worked hard to improve her skills. She moved abroad in 2006 and always looked for new challenges and new things to learn. She ended up working in Dubai in 2012 and that was quite the ride šŸ™‚
She currently has over 13000 jumps and is a professional canopy pilot and competitor, a Tandem and AFF Instructor at Skydive Dubai. She was lucky enough to be part of the Skydive Dubai Swoop Team from 2013 till 2016 and being part of that team just enhanced her drive to compete and become the best that she can be.
This keen swoop chick trains for canopy piloting competitions during all her days off, but loves to freefly as well when she gets the chance. One of her goals is to be part of the next Vertical World Record. She loves all kind of jumps ā€¦ because it’s all so much fun and after 16 years in the sport she is not bored at all, and feels like she’s just started šŸ™‚
Although she is at the DZ most days, on weather days she likes to chill, walk on the beach, go and watch a good movie at the cinema, fly some VFS in the tunnel or soar a bit with her speedwing. Skydiving is part of her, her passion, her lifestyle and her career. She is so very grateful for being able to pursue her dreams and fly wild surrounded by so many good friends. She considers herself lucky to wake up in the morning and say she does what she loves for a living.

Claims to fame

PD TVEIR (Sebastian, 2018 ) - 3rd place Team "For the 'gram" , teammate Chris StewartĀ 
US Nationals (Sebastian, 2018) - 1st placeĀ 
FLCPA 6 (sEBASTIAN, 2018) - 1st placeĀ 
Swoop Freestyle FAI World Championships (San Diego, 2018) - Bronze MedalĀ 
7th FAI World Canopy Piloting Championships (Poland, 2018) - Bronze Medal (team ranking)Ā 
Skydive Flygang Canopy Piloting Open (Molinella, 2018) - 2nd placeĀ 
9th FAI World Cup (Dubai, 2017) - Silver Medal OverallĀ 
US Nationals (Raeford, 2017) - 2nd PlaceĀ 
The World Games (Poland, 2017) - Bronze MedalĀ 
Italian Nationals (Ravenna, 2017) - 1st PlaceĀ 
Australian Nationals (York, 2017) - 1st PlaceĀ 
French Nationals (Orleans, 2016 ) ā€“ 1st PlaceĀ 
6th FAI World Championship (Canada, 2016) ā€“ Bronze Medal in Speed (the event hasnā€™t been completed due to weather)Ā 
Pink Open (Czech Republic, 2016) ā€“ 2nd placeĀ 
World Games Test Event (Poland, 2016) ā€“ 1st PlaceĀ 
Italian Nationals (Ravenna, 2016) ā€“ 1st PlaceĀ 
US Nationals (Z-hills, 2016) ā€“ 1st PlaceĀ 
DISL 3 (Dubai, March 2016) ā€“ 1st PlaceĀ 
DISL 2 (Dubai, January 2016) ā€“ 3rd PlaceĀ 
World Air Games (Dubai, 2015) ā€“ Bronze Medal Overall, Gold Medal in Distance, Bronze Medal in SpeedĀ 
8th FAI World Cup (Canada, 2015) ā€“ Gold Medal in DistanceĀ 
Pink Open (Czech Republic, 2015) ā€“ 2nd placeĀ 
FLCPA 3(Raeford USA, 2015) ā€“ 1st PlaceĀ 
DISL 1(Dubai, 2014) ā€“ 3rd PlaceĀ 
PD Tveir (Z-hills, 2014) ā€“ 1st place (Team Halla Walla with Patrick Kaye)Ā 
5th FAI World Championships (Z-hills, 2014) ā€“ Bronze Medal (first woman to ever win a medal at a Canopy Piloting World Championship)Ā 
French Nationals (Toulouse France, 2014) ā€“ 3rd PlaceĀ 
Pink Open (Czech Republic, 2014) ā€“ 3rd placeĀ 
US Nationals (Z-hills, 2014) ā€“ 3rd placeĀ 
FLCPA 5(Florida USA, 2014) ā€“ 3rd PlaceĀ 
RSA Nationals (Pretoria, 2014) ā€“ 1st PlaceĀ 
DISL 4(Dubai, 2014) ā€“ 2nd PlaceĀ 
DIPC 4 (Dubai, 2013) ā€“ Bronze Medal in Speed
Current female distance world record: 165.10mĀ 
Current female speed world record: 2.273s (I am aiming to get the general World Records though, not just the female category)Ā 
Best performance in competition:Ā 
Speed: 2.208s (DISL 1, Dubai, November 2014)Ā 
Distance: 166.49m (French Nationals, September 2016)