17 March 2020


NEWS | Weather Hold 2020

An open letter to the skydiving community


Hi Icarus friends,


On this worldwide weather hold brought about by COVID-19, our goal is to keep the NZ Aerosports family, friends and wider community safe, healthy – and wherever possible – entertained and engaged!

Many of our team are already working remote, and we will be transitioning our New Zealand office staff into working from home too. For now production is still operational, with strict guidelines and procedures in place. We’re committed to coming together, acting responsibly and flattening the curve.

We are still supporting NZA dealers, customers and athletes and our online shop is still open. While we will be physically distancing, we are staying connected here in whatever way you need. Our team is answering your emails, calls and chats. We apologize if you experience delays and ask for your understanding and patience.

We are conscious that many of our sky family are unable to go outside, get knees in the breeze, or even go to work in our industry now. Like any weather hold, it’s a great time for us to focus on our gear, maintenance, upskilling, and listening to seminars – standby for some wet weather activities.

We hope to show that even in times of crisis, we as humanity can find a little fun to be had. So we’ll be bringing you as much content, articles, videos, resources and hopefully some laughs so that, when the time comes, you can make the most of a renewed appreciation for flying and the outdoors.

It’s never been so important to remember that more connects us than what separates us. Practice social distancing and virtual connection. Spread love. Sanitize. Wash your hands.


Sending positive vibes, love and energy to you all xx



Your NZ Aerosports Family





We’ll be adding articles, videos and activities every few days and will hold some special online events – more to be announced shortly. Here are some resources to get you started!

Check out the NZA YouTube channel for some fresh Test Jump Diaries episodes, Jyro Boogie Day Tapes and canopy reels.

Bored in isolation? We’ll be going live on our Facebook and Instagram pages, putting up some quarantine challenges, and holding some special online events. Coming soon!

Blue Skies Mag actually has a dedicated weather hold section (yup, they were prepared for the apocalypse, good call ladies, good call) just for fun stuff that may or may not have anything to do with anything. Check it out!

Bored in isolation? Watch some skyporn on Join the Teem’s Video Page #quarantineandchill