28 March 2020


That’s my favourite subject; ME!

“That’s my favourite subject; me!” was a line our Omnipotent Dictator, Jyro, was often fond of saying. So we thought we would use it to title a quiz competition we ran a few a couple weeks ago. All the answers could be found on our website, making it a virtual scavenger hunt. And you guys proved to be very good treasure hunters! Out of hundreds of answers submitted, 221 of you got the perfect 100% correct score. Whooooot?! Wowza! We put the names into an electronic ‘hat’ and drew out the winner – Brant Davis! He was the lucky receiver of a 50% discount canopy!


Of course, not everyone got the correct answers (we didn’t make it that easy). So we figured we should share the correct answers for those that didn’t.


Results of the Website Quiz and the correct answers


Questions and Answers 1-5


Q1: How many canopy models do we offer on the site (sport and industry canopies total)

Answer 1: We have 8 different canopy models: Safire 3, Crossfire 3, Kraken, JFX 2, Leia, Petra, Icarus Student, Icarus Tandem.


Icarus Canopies flocking over the skies of Fiji at Cloudbreak Boogie. Photo Credit: Kian Bullock



Q2: According to the website, NZ Aerosports was founded in…

Answer 2: NZ Aerosports was founded in 1986 with a simple objective: to provide skydivers with the experience of pure wild flight. Read more About Us here.

Q3: If you want to visit our factory, you should:

Answer 3: Our doors are always open, so if you find yourself in Auckland on your travels, come and visit us for a beer or five. 

Q4: What canopy model was born during the 2010 “Summer of Love” prototyping project?

Answer 4: Petra was the ‘love child’ of Jyro and Julien.


Cedric Veiga Rios from Icarus Academy of Excellence goes so far and fast he blurs the shot


Q5: What is the featured job title of our head engineer Julien on our site?

Answer 5: Scientific Parachute Maestro. He’s pretty brainy. Check out the video with Julien talking all things technical about our Kraken canopy.




Questions and Answers 6-10


Q6: What is the current lead time for sport canopies?

Answer 6: We have an 8 week lead time for our Sport canopies… 

Q7: NZ Aerosports official demo program was launched in:

Answer 7: 2017 was the year we kicked off the demo tours. And was the birth of Rilee’s mullet and the Icabus RV. Wanna try a demo canopy? Head here to enquire about a demo canopy.



Demo Rep Rilee. And his Mullet.



Q8: How does the prompt text on our site’s footer ask you to subscribe to our newsletter?

Answer 8: We’ve got afterparties and free shit. And Woogies. And test jump diaries!

Q9: On the Kraken Blog article on our site. What does Hayden Galvin declare as a “con” regarding the Kraken?

Answer 9: It’s not a Petra. Which is true and probably a good thing considering wing suiters rarely land at the DZ… try a Kraken instead, perfect for any off-landing (cough, cough).



What’s Kraken? The wingsuit canopy designed for wingsuiters



Q10: During 2020, the RnD team at NZ Aerosports are working on:

Answer 10: Petra 2 and Anna. We figured it was about time to look at improving our Petra (she’s pretty amazing already, so it’s gonna be tough). And we realised there was a need for an option for those moving from a JFX 2 to a Leia, so Anna will be our answer. Read more in our What’s new in 2020 blog post.


Questions and Answers 11-15


Q11: On the Contact Us page, you can:

Answer 11: Send us a general enquiry. We’ll answer all of the questions! Apply for event sponsorship. Get your event some Icarus Canopies swag and free stuff.  Find our contact details. Drop us a line if you wanna chat.

Q12: Our Help Center is divided into 4 sections, these are called:

Answer 12: Our Canopies, Parts & Accessories, Shopping with Us, NZA Universe. We’re constantly working to improve our Help Center section so if you can’t find an answer to your question let us know! You know where to “Contact Us” by now 😉

Q13: Which page can you download NZA logos from?

Answer 13: Want to put Icarus Canopies on your jumpsuit? Need some for your event’s day tape or photos? Want to pop them up on your website? Download our logos here:

Q14: When Choosing a Canopy Based on Wingloading, we suggest a “docile” wingloading is…

Answer 14: 0.75 to 1.00 Lbs/Sqft. Our Safire 3 is the perfect canopy for these wingloadings. Wanna know more about wingloading? Head to our article in our Help Centre here for more information.

Q15: Name our Norwegian sponsored athlete:

Answer 15: He skydives, he swoops, he wingsuits, he BASE jumps, he freedives. The one and only Jokke Sommer is our Norwegian athlete.


Questions and Answers 16-20


Q16: What colour do we offer the SkySNATCH by Squirrel?

Answer 16: We wanted to make it simple. So it’s Yellow.

Q17: What colours are available for the Men’s Icarus Tee?

Answer 17: Black, White, Blue, Red. We really wanted Pink…but… oh well!

Q18: Who do we recommend the Crossfire 3 for?

Answer 18: For intermediate and advanced jumpers wanting to load her between 1.0-1.8. It’s definitely not a beginner canopy but a 9-cell sport machine!

Q19: The Leia is:

Answer 19: A modern everyday swoop wing classified as a hyper-performance canopy with advanced panel shaping, hybrid construction, for skydivers above 1500 jumps and other experience requirements. Blimey, that’s a mouthful and then some.



Q20: On our Safire 3 “Taking flight” video there is an Orange Safire 3 with two blue stripes. How many times does this canopy appear on the video?

Answer 20: 7 times. You’re welcome. We had to put in a totally PITA question to make sure not everyone gets it right. Cheers to the brainy geniuses in the marketing team!


Questions and Answers 21-22


Q21: On our Stocklist main page, what colour is the featured Icarus Tandem canopy in the image?

Answer 21: Neon yellow, royal blue, grey. We like our Tandems bright.

Q22: If you have 350 jumps, are currently jumping a Semi-Elliptical canopy, and are mostly a weekend and boogie jumper, what canopy does our site recommend to you?

Answer 22: Safire 3. It’s a pretty sweet canopy for those weekend jumps.



Peace and Love from the NZ Aerosports Team


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