09 September 2020


Icarus Test Jump Diaries: The Videos

Normally reading someone’s diary is a no no. Not here though. Our Icarus Testies have provided some of their top secret diary entries for you to check out. Our Icarus Test Jump Diaries videos are full of extreme jumping, dodgy weather calls, and what it truly means to be an athlete. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.



1. Icarus Test Jump Diaries | Nerves of Steel


Our Icarus Testies look at fear and say “not today motherf$cker”.




2. Weather Calls


She can be a tricky job making weather calls. Luckily for our Testies, it isn’t their first rodeo. #safetyfirst






Testing jumping. It’s some next level sh%t.




4. Rainy Days


Our homeland Aotearoa (the Land of the Long White Cloud) sometimes presents issues for our Testies. Too much wai (water) in the sky today. It’s a sad, sad day for our test jump pilots when the rain clouds roll in.




5. “Helping”


Our Icarus Testies…the Swiss Army knives of the entire operation.




6. Real Athletes


Our Icarus Testies can’t stop won’t stop. They ain’t got no time for excuses. They’re staying on that grind 24/7. They’re real athletes. #veganathlete… or was it Keto? Which is the one where you can drink beer?




7. Fancy Dress


Our Icarus Testies often have to master the sh%t out of new disciplines…like wingsuiting. They’ve got it on lockdown. Icarus Test Jump Diaries #7 is the final video entry from our Testies, but fear not! They will be back. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger.




Icarus Test Jump Diaries Videos will continue


Our Chrisssssss will be back with more Test Jump Diaries antics later in the year. We had a slight (forced) hiatus from our test jumping due to the pandemic. It was a tough time for our Icarus Testies being stuck inside, however, they did entertain themselves


P.S. Warning: don’t ever let an Icarus Testie into the shipping room.


P.P.S. They do give very handy tips on gear, maintenance and getting current though. Plus, we’ve got a new video series called ‘The Beginner Series‘ that is geared towards those getting into the sport. A new video will be released each week from now until December. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on when those videos are uploaded.


If you’d like to see more from our Icarus Testies, head to our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Peace out

NZ Aerosports Team

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