25 March 2020


NEWS | Factory Weatherhold from 25/3

We went big…now we’re going home.


At 11.59pm on March 25, New Zealand moves to COVID-19 Alert Level 4. That’s end-of-the-world-speak for “we about to lock that sh&t down!”

All non-essential businesses must close, including our factory, for a minimum of 4 weeks. So we have to cutaway! Production isn’t operational during this lockdown time and we will be unable to ship orders. 

The rule is STAY HOME, answer emails (yup, the office team will still be at it), Netflix *cough*, chill and save lives. While we will be physically distancing, we are staying connected online and our website is open for business. 

Since we are on a skeleton staff we may not be able to get to all enquiries quickly, and phone lines and online chat will have a reduced capacity. The best way if you need to get in contact is by emailing

We apologise if you experience delays and ask for your understanding and patience.

Those of you who have been preparing for the apocalypse, stockpiling weapons, toilet paper and canned food for years, and have secret code words for where to meet each other when the world ends (you know who you are!) now is the time for you to say I told you so. And maybe think about sending out those coded messages to your skydiving buddies.


Good luck friends.


NZ Aerosports Team, over and out.