23 March 2020


24HR Lockdown Sale – 40% Off Stock Canopies!


That sh$t went faster than toilet paper!! Thanks for playing guys 🖤


Hi Sky Family,

It sure is crazy out there right now. Due to COVID-19, New Zealand has been alerted that all non-essential businesses are required to shut down for 4 minimum weeks, starting in 2 days.

It’s your last chance to get an NZ Aerosports canopy on its way (for an amazing price) before we cutaway!

From now until 11.59PM on Tuesday March 24 2020 NZ Time (this is 10.59AM UTC Tuesday March 24 2020) we are discounting ALL STOCK CANOPIES BY 40%*

Orders must be placed and paid by 12.00 PM NZ time on March 24 2020 (UTC 11AM Monday 23 March 2020) so we can ship your order before the lockdown!*

Use code #CUTAWAY2020 at checkout.

*The discount does not apply to Icarus Tandem. Credit card payments only, no bank transfers. Discount applies only to stock products that are “ready” on the website (not “in production”).