Pimp out your canopy with some sick artwork, a beautiful photo or a graphical masterpiece - something special, badass, arty or breathtaking. Whatever your style, we can put it on your canopy!

Your masterpiece can begin as anything. An idea, a favourite picture, a photo - or a hand drawn sketch on a paper towel! When we receive your image, we’ll send you a mockup along with a quote. What’s Your Style?

Traditional SkyArt Manufacturing

There are traditionally two ways art can be put on your canopy; 1) Individually cutting and stitching each part onto it and 2) Sublimation printing the design onto a special ripstop polyester logo fabric and sewing that onto the bottom surface.

Both these methods are great for simple or smaller logos (and we have been using it for large and complicated logos also) but they add pack volume, and take us a lot of time to make.

No Limits SkyArt: The Way of the Future

We have just begun working on something that is revolutionizing canopy design – and we don’t mean the way your wing flies. We mean the way it looks!

Sublimation printing directly onto your ZP canopy. You read right. We can print anything on your canopy! From photos to fractals, fades and even tie-dye if that’s your thing!

Order Yours Now!

If you have a great idea for your canopy and want to get a mockup or quote, don’t hesitate to email us at richard@nzaerosports.com.

Try and give us high quality artwork – if it’s a graphic image then vector formats such as .psd, .ai and.eps are great. If you are taking a photograph set your camera to 10-14MP and 300dpi. If it’s an existing photo then get the highest quality one you can – the rule is the higher the quality and the bigger it is the better it looks!

If you have an idea for an beautiful or badass canopy and want to know how much it will set you back, don't hesitate to let us know!

It's simple - just email richard@nzaerosports.com using the link below with your canopy size and type, what colours you want on the canopy and your image attached. We'll send you back some mockups and a quote.