Nick Wins the FAI World Cup on Petra

Fri 26 August 11

There were 101 competitors at the FAI World Cup in Klatovy this year, making it the largest ever. Nick Batsch and Patrick Boulongne placed 1st and 2nd in Distance and 1st and 6th overall on Petra.

Just one month after setting a new distance world record on Petra, Nick has gone on to win the World Cup. He came 1st in Distance, 1st in Speed, 8th in Accuracy and 1st overall and remains unbeaten at every competition he has done with Petra.

The World Cup was Patrick’s first competition on Petra, and he placed 2nd in Distance after Nick and 6th overall. Patrick also came 1st in Distance and 2nd overall in the European Championships held at the same event.

Tobi Scherrinsky from German Team Barigo came 2nd in Distance and 9th overall in the European Championships with his JVX.

Congratulations Nick on being World Champion, and congratulations to all our other competitors at the event – Patrick Boulongne, Brice Bernier, the Aussie WCCP team JXV Division (Ben Lewis, Scott Brown, Andrew Woolf, Luke Oliver and Ronni Perri), German Team Barigo (Tobi Scherrinsky, Maik Supitz and Alex Spadi) and everyone else. Love your work!

For all the World Cup and European Chmapionship results check out

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