Icarus Summer Photo Competition !!WIN A FREE CANOPY!!

Thu 23 December 10

It’s Christmas time and here at NZ Aerosports we think it’s the season of giving - so we want to give away one FREE ICARUS CANOPY to the winner of our photo competition!!

There are 2 sections and absolutely ANYONE can enter!


We want to see any great photos you have of your Icarus or Daedalus canopy (or someone else’s!).  We know that photographs of our canopies look awesome anyway, but we want to find the very best shot. Maybe you caught the light just right or got a great angle. If not, don’t worry - that’s why there’s Photoshop!


If you don’t have an Icarus canopy, don’t feel you can’t enter – this could be your big chance to win one for FREE! The “Fuck Yeah” section is all about being clever - or just plain silly! Perhaps you wanna go do something stupid like pushing someone out of an airplane (wink wink), or maybe you want to think outside the box and promote Icarus with absolutely no skydiving involved! Play a prank on your mate, put the Icarus logo somewhere funny or create something entirely ridiculous in Photoshop – we don’t care as long as it promotes the Icarus brand and gives us a bit of a chuckle!

Prizes will also be given for the most outrageous, the most creative, the most beautiful and the most well thought out entries, so no matter what, you’re in with a chance to win!



1) Sending entries: Get snapping and then send your high res photos to photocomp@nzaerosports.com. Make sure to include any titles or funny descriptions that go with the images.

2) Look out for your entry online: We will post your entry in a competition album on our Facebook page “Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports”. To check them out and share them with your friends, just click “Like” and you will have full access to our albums! 

3) Tag your entry: Make sure you (and anyone in the picture) are tagged in your picture!

4) Share this competition: Make sure all your mates know about the competition so they don’t miss out on their chance to win a free canopy! 

5) Get “LIKING”! The amount of “likes” an entry gets in our competition album may sway us when judging – so make sure you and your friends like your favorite entry!



Overall winner: FREE ICARUS CANOPY

“HOW SHE FLIES” winner: 50% off a canopy

“FUCK YEAH!” winner: 50% off a canopy

Lamest Photo Prize: 50% off the stinkest stock parachute we’re lumped with – the “Licorice Allsorts” canopy (trust us, it looks like one!)


You can submit as many entries as you want, so get busy emailing us photos to be in for a chance to win! The competition goes until the end of February (or until we get the money shot!!). 

NOTE: By emailing us your entries you are letting us know that you have the rights to the photograph and giving us the thumbs up to using them for future advertising and promotions - with a photo credit of course!

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