Laszlo “Csizi” Csizmadia is going for the Hole

Fri 29 January 10

Kiwi Hungarian Skydive legend, and all around good mate Laszlo Csizmadia flew in to the Hole In the Rock with his JVX77.

Piercy Island is located on the north east coast of the North Island in New Zealand, and has a natural hole right through it at sea level. The 210-foot hole was created over centuries by wind and waves making it perfect for indoor swooping.

Laszlo has been part of the Kiwi canopy piloting team in 2006-07, and worked for NZ Aerosports for two years.

The jump was organized by Skydive Ballistic Blondes. Who spent considerable time arranging consents, aircraft, and water (ground) crew. The Blondes are running a Tandem operation In the Bay, and they were going ballistic once again.

The jump took place on the 19th of January 8 clock on the morning and by that evening news and footage had gone global.

Great job guys!

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