New Website Goes Live

Tue 5 May 09

Welcome to the new A whole new look and... The worlds first 3D Canopy colouring program!

Pick your colours then spin it about to view it from different angles. The JVX is up already and we're working on the 9-cell models now. It was a massive undertaking, go have a play.

We now have live Stock Lists and graphic images of what you can buy straight away, a news section to keep you updated, and an all new gallery and photos with videos to come.

Check it out!

Latest News

Inglorious Basterds Win French Nationals23/08/2013

NZA sponsored freefly team the Inglorious Basterds are the new French Freefly Champions!


French Teams’ Success at World Cup 2013!23/08/2013

NZA sponsored French Freefly Team 3Style's Yo, Loic and Pierre scored 1st place...

Petra Goes the Distance at the Pink CP Open23/08/2013

Nick Batsch once again came out on top flying Petra at the Pink Canopy Piloting...

World Games Record on Petra23/08/2013

Nick Batsch shredded the World Games Distance Record with a 144m swoop on Petra...

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