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The Icarus Omega is a 7-Cell, lightly elliptical, zero porosity, RW canopy. It has been designed as a hassle-free all rounder; suitable for RW, demo jumping, fun accuracy and fun CRW. It is super easy to use, with delicious '7-cell' openings, easy packing and gentle landings.

ZP 7-cells may be outperformed on landing by 9-cell (and greater) canopies, but they have gained in popularity due to their low baggage factor, and ease of use - a definite plus for many people.

The Icarus Omega is a truly elliptical canopy, but the shaping in it is very light. The planform has been optimized between enhancing the canopy performance and feel, yet maintaining easy flight characteristics and consistent controlled openings. The Omega's cells vary in width across the canopy, to maintain a constant cell aspect ratio and to consistently control the airfoil shape across the canopy.

At lighter wing loadings (below .9 PSF) it is a good student transition or first canopy, or for those who want to take it easy. At heavier wing loadings (up to 1.5 PSF) it will be zippy and fun, with cruisey openings and reasonable landings. As it's a 7-cell of conventional construction, the pack volume is very small.

As with all our canopies, it is available in any size you choose.

We recommend wing loadings between 0.75 PSF and 1.5 PSF.

Canopy Size Volume MSW MSW Weight
Sq.Ft Cu.In Lbs Kgs LBS
Omega 99992781494
Omega 1091092981644
Omega 1191193181794
Omega 1291293381945
Omega 1391393582095
Omega 1491493782245
Omega 1691694182546
Omega 1891894582847
Omega 2092094983008
Omega 2292295383008

3D Canopy Colour Picker

Click on the image to go to our new 3D Canopy Colour Picker, the first of its kind available for skydive canopies. You can use this to design and order your new canopy, or just to play around with ideas of what your next canopy will be like. Enjoy!

The following Omega canopies are available to order now

Model Size Colours
Omega 159