The Matrix is a Zero-P, purpose built, competition CRW canopy. It is available in any size to enable a match of wing loadings for different weight team members. It can be configured for rotations or sequential/speed formation.

Design Concept

This was a difficult one. So many teams have different theories and techniques that have developed independently from each other that what some peoples perceived needs are directly conflicts with others. CRW is so equipment intense that after training on any one canopy design anything else will feel quite wrong and less controllable. Ultimately the canopy we have come up with is based around our New Zealand CRW techniques and background over the past 10 years. After doing CRW with every thing from F-111 220sf 7-Cell canopies to a set of customized ICARUS 95 sf ZP 9-Cells, the Icarus Matrix is our state of the art to date. We have also customized canopies to other teams' needs that differ from our own.


By going to a 1.8/1 aspect we have kept things docile and aided the opening heading characteristics. By using a bag less deployment line twists are eliminated and off heading openings are reduced significantly, however opening headings are still limited by the direction of canopy lift off from the container tray. Opening speeds are reasonably brisk to not waste working time or give the canopy much chance to vary in altitude from your planned opening height and position.


The canopy has a very short and noticeable recovery arc it will not dive very long unless on front risers. Landings can even be done by letting the canopy flare its self after a dive however with the light front riser pressure controlling this is simple. Landings are good although obviously not up to the standard of an elliptical 9-Cell. There was a little sacrifice to reducing the ballooning turns and braking when it comes to the flare. To date we have had canopies used with wing loadings of up to 1.7 psf still with good landings. The canopy can easily be brought to zero decent rate for touchdown.


Many teams have developed there skills and ideas based on what they are familiar and comfortable with. CRW equipment must be the most modified and customized equipment used in parachuting. For us having a standard product is not as important as giving teams what they feel comfortable with. We are a relatively small company, all our orders are custom orders anyway. If your team wants 75mm webbing on the nose or mesh sliders or rubber band stows for the slider then we can customize your canopies to your requirements. You may not feel that what we have designed is the best way to do things for what you want. Just let us know exactly what you want with your order and we will work with you to achieve what you want.


We have tried to developed the ultimate CRW canopy as we see it. All the teams that have switched over to our technology have been out scoring there previous scores within about 20 jumps. For experienced team we recommend a wing loading based around 1.4 psf. At first the canopies will feel a little dead (unless you are coming from larger canopies) but pretty quickly you will see the advantages. Having a more controllable canopy is a bit like wearing a tighter more docile jumpsuit for freefall sequential.