The JFX is a 21-cell Elliptical ZP Crossbraced canopy. Unlike the JVX, which has been shaped for wicked swooping power and CP competition, the JFX design is simply the highest end everyday canopy we could come up with.

Although being fully Crossbraced with the powerful landings, long recovery arcs and efficient flight you'd expect, we've tamed the JFX for piss easy, everyday, low hassle jumping. Now you can have Crossbraced performance with almost Crossfire type ease.

Whether you are hard-ass team training, work jumping, doing camera, wingsuit jumping... or just a Jump Hog wanting a bit more welly in your day... this is your sports car!

It's not a canopy for light wing loadings, transitioning to a JVX, or to learn on. The JFX is for the already experienced small HP Elliptical 9-cell jumper who couldn't be bothered with a Crossbrace canopy before now.

You'll want to load it up slightly compared to an elliptical 9-cell, and it will come alive with more zip. And that gorgeously efficient Crossbrace flare can become either a blazing swoop or use the power for the easiest, gentlest touchdown.

Yup, it's more bulky and more expensive than a 9-cell, but it’s worth it!

NOTE: Recommended wing loading 1.8 to 2.8 (Yes, you can load it up like a JVX too!)

Sorry there are no jfx stock canopies available at this time.

3D Canopy Colour Picker

Click on the image to go to our new 3D Canopy Colour Picker, the first of its kind available for skydive canopies. You can use this to design and order your new canopy, or just to play around with ideas of what your next canopy will be like. Enjoy!

The openings on this puppy are superb! Of the 60 jumps I've done on it they were about all the same. All were soft - that's what these old bones need and as they were 99& wingsuit, nice openings are...nice. Landings are good, in nil winds, no worries.

Thanks guys!

Tony Uragallo – TonySuits

The JFX is the best overall canopy I have ever jumped. What I like best about the canopy is the way it opens - every time it’s on heading and soft (not too slow and not too sharp).

It's absolutely right - you have a soft opening without losing lots of altitude, and it's so consistent that it’s the only canopy I feel comfortable to use for everything: Camera, Wing Suit, Stunts, Free Fly, Swooping... Finally I can have one canopy that works for everything I like to do, and still a high performance canopy that you can fly very fast if you want to...

This is the canopy that I feel performs the best under turbulent situations, it's easy and simple to pack (7-cell) and pack volume is small too...

This is the only skydive canopy I have been jumping for the last 2 years, and...I JUST LOVE IT!

Luigi Cani - Parachute test pilot, stunt jumper

The Icarus JFX is a pleasure to fly. It has the consistent opening characteristics of a 7-cell design. The opening is staged and smooth. You will find the canopy crisp and responsive, yet it does not feel tense and edgy.

The flight is smooth, predictable and enjoyable.

Riser pressures are comfortable and easy to work with. Front riser pressure is less than that of the JVX, making for easy dive and recovery techniques. Rear riser recovery is more progressive and gradual than the JVX, giving a slower recovery and long dive.

The JFX is an all round performer, consistent in every parameter. If you are participating in RW, Freefly, Canopy Piloting and even Wingsuiting, the JFX is capable!

Brett Newman –Downward Trend