The new GLX is a ground launching machine! After several years of beta testing, we have developed a parachute that is easy to launch and a joy to fly down the mountain.

The GLX is completely cross braced, with a hybrid nose section. The center three cells of the canopy are open and the cells on each side of the center are closed with opening similar to a JVX. The GLX has no stabilizers, has reinforced ribs and uses Spinnaker cloth. Spinnaker material has been used for years on ram air kites and paragliders. It is crisp and thick allowing it to hold the airfoil's shape better, it makes launching easier and it is more rigid during flight. The GLX comes standard with two HMA or Vectran line sets.

As an option, pilots can get a continuous line set allowing broken lines to be easily changed in the field without tools. A continuous line set makes losing a line during flight less stressful, since you have more attachment points between you and the canopy.

If you're serious about ground launching and want the most from your Bladerunning experience there is only one choice - and anyone who has flown a GLX will confirm it.

See you at the launch point...