3D Canopy Colour Picker - JVX, JFX, Crossfire2, Safire2, Omega and Tandem

The colour picker is available for the Daedalus JVX and JFX, and the Icarus Crossfire2, Safire2, Omega and Tandem.

To order Leia please go to the Leia Colour Picker

Choose 'Save' if you want to save your colours for later. We will then email you a link to this page so that the colour picker will load with your colours.

If you wish to send us an enquiry about purchasing, or if you wish to go ahead and order this canopy, then select either Enquire or Order below.

You can also send us your colours for any of our canopies using our pdf orderform.

The actual color of the parachute might differ from the colors of the color picker. this is mainly due to screen settings. Feel free to email us for a color swatch.