3D Canopy Colour Picker Instructions - Leia

The 3D image used is a duplicate of the JFX colour picker. We didn't have time to design and implement a Leia one, and we didn't want to hold you back from ordering her any longer!

You'll notice the shape is not correct and a few things there won't be on your Leia. Please leave the stabilizers and last end ribs blank - these components aren't on Leia. There is also no option to colour the Powerband because this comes standard in black.

For a standard full ZP Leia, you can choose any colour you'd like. Any cells you want a logo on, please leave white. If you are going to have a Hybrid Leia, your ribs and cross braces MUST be white.

Choose Save if you want to save your colours for later. We will then email you a link to this page so that the colour picker will load with your colours.

If you wish to send us an enquiry about purchasing, or if you wish to go ahead and order this canopy, then select either Enquire or Order below. You can also find a full list of Leia FAQs on the Leia order info page.